Made in Kosova

Export Promotion and Sales

Kosovar manufacturing companies are witnessing a speedy development and growth; however, they are still lacking the necessary skills to penetrate at a satisfactory level in the Western European markets. The Western European market offers great potential, therefore the aim of Swiss Experience is to facilitate Kosovar manufacturing companies in the field of exports and sales. We offer the solution of filling in the gap and aim on acting as a sales point for the manufacturing companies in Kosovo and in the Swiss market. Swiss Experience is staffed with highly experienced and skilled professionals. Our strength is that we represent companies from different sectors, which makes our work even more attractive to potential clients.


Our mission is to build a bridge for Kosovar companies and very lucrative market, initially in Switzerland, and later in other German speaking countries as well. This will enable a growth potential for clients that will be signed at the initial stage, but will also promote the growth of the manufacturing sectors, as a sector that could have a great potential in Kosovo. This, in turn, could have other benefits, such as lowering unemployment, decrease migration, and ultimately a higher quality of life for the society.


Swiss Experience will not only be limited to companies in the manufacturing sector, but will also represent companies from different sectors, therefore it will be even more attractive to potential customers.
After establishing a better foothold in the Swiss market, Swiss Experience aims to expand to other German-speaking markets, such as Germany and Austria.