Swiss Experience aims to build a service platform to cover the basic needs of hospitality, where we offer a world-class environment.


The vision of Swiss Experience is to create a leading address of hotel services in the Western Balkans region, distinguishing itself with the highest level services, based on innovative expertise and on time.

Training school

Construction of a vocational school where high quality services will be offered. The school will prepare staff in being ready to start work immediately after graduation.
The school follows the Swiss curriculum of vocational schools in the field of hospitality, with a qualitative supervision by recognized Swiss institutions.
In addition to the vocational school, Swiss Experience also offers trainings, specifically designed for the client, in areas such as:

In addition to these trainings, Swiss Experience also offers trainings for other professions of the hotel industry, according to the client's requests and needs.


Swiss Experience has been entrusted with the management of the best hotels in Kosovo and the region - Emerald Hotel and Hotel Palace